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Toledo Therapy Dogs 
To help the therapy dog team candidate volunteer feel capable, confident, and effective, Toledo Dog Training recommends that any therapy dog  volunteer receive a minimum level of instruction on how to participate in a visiting animal program.  This instruction is offered through our Therapy Dog Team Training Class.  Our course contains much practical information for volunteers. 

Our unique Therapy Dog Team Training Class prepares both the dog & owner/handler to take various therapy dog evaluations!  Therapy dog teams are able to assist in animal-assisted activity and animal assisted therapy programs. Teams can visit participating animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools and other facilities. After graduation, we will help you connect with local facilities in your area.

School Therapy DogOur Therapy Dog Team Training Class focuses on preparing the handler and dog for the therapy environment. We will work on skills that include working around medical equipment, unpredictable circumstances, loud noises, distractions, medical scents & even have mock visits!  Class taught by Tonya.

Please note that if you are being paid by your job I am unaware of a therapy dog organization that will allow you to use your dog under their certification/registration.  Therapy dog teams are considered volunteers.

Prerequisite for dogs: For dogs at least 11 months old & with owner for at least 6 months. Current vaccines  (DHPP & Rabies Required, Bordetalla Recommended) .  This is an advanced-level course focusing on the therapy environment.  All dogs enrolled in class, should have good obedience skills & passed our Level Assessment or Intermediate at Toledo Dog Training & Instructor Approval.  Is your dog ready?  Please read this first.

Prerequisite for handlers/owner: Handler must be at least 18 years old.

Class Details: 6-1 hr classes, Shadowing a therapy dog team & Therapy Dog Booklet. Cost $150.  

Topics Covered: Determining stress and calming signals in your dog, ethics, liability, handling difficult situations, animal health & safety, interacting with special people, local therapy locations & information on joining a therapy dog group!

Please note:  Although we will review obedience skills,  this class will not focus on teaching your dog to sit, stay, walk on a leash, it will be assumed that your dog can perform these skills in a variety of contexts prior to registering for our therapy dog class.  If not, we recommend that you brush up on his obedience, and register for therapy dog class at a later time.

 Commands/Skills Refreshed: Library Dogs

  •  Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Accepting petting
  • Appearance & grooming
  • Out for a walk
  • Walk through a crowd
  • Reaction to distractions
  • Sit/down/stay/recall/leave it/offer a treat
  • Animal passed to 3 strangers (small dogs)
  • Animal placed on lap or table (small dogs)
  • Reaction to neutral dog
  • Overall examination
  • Clumsy petting
  • Restraining hug
  • Staggering & gesturing
  • Angry yelling
  • Bumped from behind
  • Crowded & petted by several people
  • Proactive handler/owner 

Therapy Dog Team Training Class Are Typically Offered 2 Times A Year

2015 Dates 

  • Tentative Dates: June & November 2015
  • Perrysburg-South Suburban 5100 Brockway Drive-Map  Contact us to sign up~
  • Class Details: 6-1 hr classes, Shadowing a therapy dog team & Therapy Dog Booklet. Cost $150. 
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A huge thank you for those of you who have been mailing us in kind donations to our program!  An honorary donation is a meaningful way to honor and  remember someone special. Your gift reflects your desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as your honoree has done for you.


Because our therapy program is still in it's infancy stage, for tax purposes we keep everything under our parent company-Perky Paws Cafe. Hopefully in the future with supports such as yourself, we will be able to grow & expand our outreach.  If you would like to send a donation to our program, please write your payment to: Perky Paws Cafe.  Thank you!!

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