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Cavaliers For Adoption 

If you are looking to help rescue a Cavalier or would like to become a foster family, please visit
Cavalier Rescue USA.

View the Central Cavaliers that are up for adoption.
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    • Cavalier Rescue USA (CKCSCR, Inc.) is an organized national team of networked volunteers who find loving homes for any Cavalier who has been released to rescue by his or her owner or caretaker.
    • Cavaliers who are given to rescue by owners no longer able to keep them, and those rescued from shelters and pounds, are brought into foster homes where they are evaluated, brought up to date medically, and cared for by dedicated volunteers until a permanent, loving home is found.
    • We carefully screen each of our potential adopters to ensure every dog is placed in a home that is appropriate and specific to the individual dog, so the adoption will be successful for the family and the pet.
    • We maintain a relationship with the new family, and are there for them and the Cavalier as needed.
    • We are committed to the health and well being of the breed, and therefore, we do not pay any fee for any dog that results in a profit for the puppy mill industry.
    • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and we welcome donations to help us pay for the medical needs of foster dogs.

Adopt from 
Cavalier Rescue USA & that dog's first 
class at Toledo Dog Training is on us!

Shop at our Cafepress (not just Cavalier items) store, all profits go to Cavalier Rescue USA.