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Positive Dog Training Services In The Toledo Area and Globally  If you are looking for experienced and proven results, keep reading.

Named one of the TOP TEN dog trainers in the United States.

Are you having problems with your dog?  Maybe your dog pulls on the leash, jumps on guests, barks at other dogs or is afraid of his own shadow. 
Are you looking for effective, and proven results so that you can take control of the situation and have a dog who listens to you?  
Maybe you have even tried other dog trainers, dog training classes or dog training videos without much success. 
I am glad you found me!  At Toledo Dog Training/Global Dog Training, I am here to provide you with effective, and positive dog training results.  I will teach you how to teach and engage your dog so that he will listen to you with ease.
Please take a look around at the website and my services, and contact me when you are ready to have a well-behaved dog and family member.
 I look forward to assisting you in your journey.
~Tonya Wilhelm

Below are some sample dog training packages for common dog behavioral problems, programs, and what to expect.
Also, upcoming events and workshops! 

Click below to learn more about all of the dog behavior services offered. 

Hello, my name is Tonya Wilhelm and I have been a full-time dog training specialist for almost two decades. During this time I succeed in helping thousands of dog parents build happy, long-lasting relationships with their dogs using only humane, kind, and positive dog training methods. I am devoted to helping dogs, and their guardians, live together in health and harmony. Please join me today in taking the first step that will enable you to have that rewarding relationship you have always dreamed of with your dog. Learn more
Toledo Dog Training-Global Dog Training is a professional dog training and behavior service located in the Toledo Metro Area but offers global dog training services.  I provide dog parents the tools and skills needed to train using only force-free positive reinforcement dog training. 
Locally clients can receive either group dog training classes or private, one on one dog behavioral training. On a global level, I provide online dog training services via phone and internet. I also provide a variety of dog workshops, dog behavior lectures, and dog training seminars globally.  Professional staff training and other pet industry training services are available as well as weekend dog retreats and camps. 

"This is the first teacher/class I feel like we connected with.  Thank you for being such a good, up-beat, positive teacher!  You have the perfect personality for being a teacher.  I felt like we walked away from school knowing something new and I really felt so proud of all my dog's hard work & willingness to try new behaviors."
Shannon and Charlotte The Cocker Spaniel

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